The Hive - encaustic studio
The Hive Encaustic Studio is located in Studio 201 in the historical Alton Mill Arts Centre.

 The Alton Mill is home to some 25 studio artists,  galleries, a heritage museum,  café and unique shops.

The Hive Artists
 Karen Brown -Karen Brown Encaustics                                Kim Kool - Edge of Grey Encaustics

Welcome to The Hive
The Hive is the encaustic studio of artists
Karen Brown and Kim Kool:
Offering encaustic workshops, open studio time, original artwork and  so much more.

 Encaustics is an ancient art form that involves fusing layers of  beeswax based paint using various heating techniques.   It is kept molten on a heated palette, applied to a surface and reheated to fuse the paint into a durable, archival surface.  Encaustic medium can be used as is or combined with pigment such as oil paint or powdered pigments.    As the layers are built up, objects can be embedded in the wax and gouging techniques can be incorporated to create shapes and designs.  Colors are used simultaneously to add depth and beauty to the work. 
Encaustics is a unique medium which allows participants to explore their creativity while effectively engaging the senses.
It is both deeply therapeutic while at the same time promoting a sense of play.
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